TBREIA Testimonials

I'm Alex and I've only been to one Sub-Group meeting. I loved it. It is so great to talk to other like minded people. Everyone was really friendly, even people doing the same thing I was. Instead of competition, it feels like you're all part of the same team. I plan on continuing to go for many years to come!

~ Alex Jandick

TBREIA in St. Petersburg at Quaker State hosted by Tom Martin drew my attention and I looked forward to attending every month.  Soon I attended the monthly meetings.  Saturday I took Greg Simpson's invitation to go to Beginner's 101 investors classes in Tampa. TBREIA groups are the reason I am still pursuing deals, believing that each of us can make a difference for the good of our society. You can't do this business alone but clubs keep us all inspired to support each other!

~ Carol Homa

TBREIA is a vital organization for anyone in the Tampa area investing in real estate.  They provide great education opportunities,  networking opportunities, and opportunities  to showcase your products.  I would highly recommend  to any real estate  investor; new or seasoned.  They will help you grow your business.

~ E Douglas Bohannon


From a business perspective, there is no better meeting/investment club to get deals done, and their networking hour is second to none.  Whenever I leave a TBREIA meeting, I have at least 20-30 new, legitimate leads.  If there is a meeting to source new business opportunities in real estate investing, this is it!  Thanks to Greg and Jason for consistently putting on a great meeting with great speakers.

~ Gregory Emmer