Secured Investment Lending

Ernest Aulls is the active CEO of Secured Investment Lending Corporation, which is a Federally-licensed mortgage lender with a servicing endorsement. Mr. Aulls brings to SILC more than 15 years of residential real estate experience and over 12 years of residential financing background along with his conservative property evaluation principles. Ernest was licensed by the state of Florida in real estate sales in 1999 and as a real estate broker in 2001, at which time he became President of Realnet of Southeast Florida. His role was to expand the company footprint for the corporate parent RealnetUSA into south Florida. During his tenure, Realnet of Southeast Florida became the flagship office, doing more than 400 real estate investment transactions per year and producing over $3 million in company revenue per year. Simultaneously to the opening of Realnet of Southeast Florida, Mr. Aulls opened and managed the south Florida office for Investors Mortgage Lending, which was the private funding source for all investment transactions closed through Realnet of Southeast Florida. Prior to joining RealnetUSA, Ernest was the top performing leasing agent for Tyre & Taylor Commercial Realty in central Florida, and assisted in growing revenues from $200,000 to more than $2 million in two years. Ernest Aulls graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1998.

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