Austin Holloway - Business Development with NuView Trust Company

When Austin isn't on the road speaking at events, he will be assisting investors in setting up their self-directed retirement accounts. In his role in at NuView Trust Company, his focus is to educate investors about the many IRA options outside of the equity markets. NuView Trust Company has been in business since 2003 and holds just under $1 billion in assets under custody for thousands of clients across the entire country. As an administrator for these self-directed retirement plans, NuView provides the administrative support that clients need in order to make tax-advantaged investments into all of the alternatives to the stock market, such as real estate. With a background in investments, studying Finance and the University of Central Florida, Austin has been with NuView Trust Company for over 2 years and personally works with investors one on one.

Phone Number: 321-275-0476