Joe Ebanks

Hulsey (Joe) Ebanks Jr, owner of 1-855CashMan and G Home
Solutions LLC, made a commitment in 2004 that he was going to leave the hectic pace
and schedule of corporate America and support his family in a
way that would give him more time to spend with his loved ones.
Joe’s decision wasn’t an easy one, but he has spent the past eight
years building Chase Manhattan into one of the premier mortgage
lenders in the Florida market and has done so with the utmost
adherence to his own personal values, and the well-being of the
clients he works with each and everyday.
Joe’s commitment to fairness with all, and his strict attention to
detail have made him a respected and admired business owner, as
well as a dedicated member of his local community. Joe is also a
U.S. Army Gulf War Veteran who served his country honorably,
and received the Arcom Award for Service.
Joe’s desire for his clients is to give them the chance to have a
safe, quality home they can be proud to own.