Devin Beverage

Devin Beverage was born in the northeast, but grew up in rural Bushnell, FL and graduated from South Sumter High School. After transferring to USF after community college, Devin landed in Tampa Bay. His first sales job with AT&T gave him an appreciation for effort-based pay and working on commission. Through this foray into sales, and reading some life-changing books, Devin realized that he wanted to avoid the “Rat Race” entirely. He immediately changed his priority from college to entrepreneurship, and earned his real estate license in 2015, entering the real estate industry with a focus on wholesaling. After doing deals with some of the most prominent deal makers in Tampa Bay, he shifted focus to standing apart from the competition as a real estate agent with Lombardo Real Estate, based in South Tampa. Devin still studies economics part-time at University of South Florida while also working as a full-time Real Estate Agent here in Tampa Bay.