Bert Steinman

Bert Steinman is a Veteran of the US Navy who hails from the great white north (better known as Michigan).  Bert is a father of four children, a devoted husband and a man who prides himself on his ability to help others.

Bert built a laser cutting business in Michigan from the ground up, on a shoestring budget, until Bert sold his interest in the company and retired (early) to Florida in 2015.

Upon arrival to Florida, Bert earned his Florida Real Estate Salesperson’s license and began supercharging his education of real estate investment.  Studying under several mentors, Bert and his wife have been successful not only escaping but remaining out of the rat race.

In 2017 Bert became a partner in which is a real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisition and long-term hold of multi-family apartments, mobile home communities, and non-performing notes.